Do You Monitor or Listen?

In social media, we are often told to “listen first”. But what does this really mean? For most people, the reality is that we “monitor” – brands, products, people and so on. But, for me, monitoring is only the first step. It’s the most basic thing that you can do to begin showing your customers some respect.

But monitoring is done in silence. It’s a form of brand voyeurism.

So, what does it take to go beyond “monitoring”? I took a lesson from one of my favourite musicians – Natalie Merchant. You can read my latest MarketingProfs article How Natalie Merchant Taught Me to Listen along with plenty of other thought provoking content at the always brilliant MarketingProfs site.

Oh and you can always follow my How to Listen chart. Enjoy.

One thought on “Do You Monitor or Listen?

  1. I also monitor people and products in social media. Monitoring makes getting the right target more efficient. It’s a powerful tool that you can use to monitor and identify what your customers like, need and want.

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