Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

This week it was hard to keep to only five posts – there certainly seems to be a glut of good reading available – from some of the big industry blogs right through to the unique, lone blogger. Hope you enjoy the variety on offer this week – and let me know if you found something else worth sharing!

  1. This week marks Om Malik’s 10 Years of Blogging. So what has he learned from the last ten years – and what can be expected of a blogging future? One suggestion is that that curation is as important as writing. Think about it. It’s not about what you write, it’s about what you share (and sometimes you just happen to be sharing your own ideas).
  2. The idea that we are all separated by six degrees of separation has been a long running meme that has helped to explain social networks – but it seems it’s not exact. Using data directly from Facebook, it seems there are only 4.74 degrees of separation and that this is continuing to shrink (down from 5.28 in 2008). There’s plenty more in the Anatomy of Facebook.
  3. Abe Sauer has a great article showcasing the Commercial Ad Legacy of The Muppets. This sort of sophistication is sadly lacking from so many TV shows and creative/production houses these days.
  4. Do you blog? Have you been doing it long? What are the benefits? Ingeborg van Beusekom shares Six Reasons to Start Blogging.
  5. Sometimes your product or service is not sexy. Sometimes there is no denying that the design isn’t up to Apple’s exacting standards. But chances are, someone loves it. Or needs it. If this sounds like one of your challenges, take a look at Drew McLellan’s How Do You Sell What No One Wants to Buy.

4 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. Gavin,
    All great shares — thank you. I can certainly relate to Om’s thoughts on blogging, especially the communal comment. So tough to find/make the time to do but so important.
    As the blogging space gets more crowded and so many people are writing/sharing such smart thinking, I struggle with keeping up with all the connections etc. I fear I fall further behind every day and often times — think about someone or want to add a thought to theirs — but can’t quite get to it all.
    How do you manage the ever growing community?

  2. I know what you mean! I keep thinking about Dunbar and his 150 limit – maybe it applies to blogs 😉
    I try to focus on the pleasure of ideas and reading – and try not to worry about the pressure to follow up on everything. Sure there is some stuff I will miss – but the really important information will be noticed by my network of friends and colleagues (or so I think). I’ve become quite resigned to knowing that I won’t know everything, but am ok with that.

  3. The top reads are awesome. The Muppets in particular sets a high level of expectation for the fans as the last two The Muppets film indeed fell flat. The trailer looks promising though, I was laughing real hard and I almost fell out of my seat just by watching it. Well, we should know how it will score soon.
    broomfield homes

  4. Yikes…if you don’t know everything, then I’m in real trouble. I’ve been relying on you!
    One of my frustrations is that I know I’m missing some of the new bloggers/sites out there that I just haven’t discovered yet. And while the discovery is always exciting — I hate the feeling of missing out.
    Hard to keep track of all the old smart friends and find the new ones too. But bit by bit…

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