Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

There’s a bit of something for everyone this week – something for the activists, some for the bloggers, some for the business to business marketers and even a snack for the hard working strategists and creatives in the agencies.

  1. In the face of the #occupywallstreet momentum, Shay O’Reilly takes a shot at Malcolm Gladwell and wonders whether Gladwell isn’t, after all, a “crusty luddite”.
  2. Over the weekend, NSW Police cleared Sydney’s Martin Place of #occupysydney protesters. This echoed the more violent closure of #occupymelbourne days earlier. What is it about peaceful protest that so incenses the government? Tim Longhurst shares some thoughts.
  3. Laurel Papworth’s post (actually more like an essay) on the new Paywall for News Limited’s The Australian website is well worth a read. It provides a good background to the challenges, the approach that was taken pre-launch and some analysis of what will and what probably won’t.
  4. Jake Hird has compiled 25 B2B social media case studies – including American Express’ Open Forum and Dell’s YouTube and Facebook channels. Good to share with your colleagues!
  5. What can we learn from creatives, strategists and music? Jye Smith shares a few links and some insight.