Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Last week was a week that was dominated by the news of Steve Jobs’ passing. And no doubt, you have read several beautiful and powerful articles or remembrances – as did I. But I will leave the eulogising to others who knew – or loved – Steve Jobs.

  1. Adam Weinstein interviews the activists who kick started the #occupywallstreet movement – revealing the personal insight and impetus to claim the mantle We are the 99 Percent.
  2. On the same theme, Doug Meacham shared this link with me during the week. Think Occupy Wall Street is a Phrase? You don’t get it – is a great article by Douglas Rushkoff who suggests that this protest is a new net-driven counter cultural discourse. For those who are fascinated by the intersection of culture and technology (and I am one), it makes for fascinating times – and Rushkoff seems to provide a great context for this emergent movement.
  3. To determine whether your content driven strategy is delivering value, it’s important to measure a number of things. Which things is dependent upon your objectives, challenges and opportunities. Jay Baer breaks these down into The 4 Types of Content Metrics That Matter.
  4. Do you love Facebook – or is a double edged sword. Mark Pesce offers a brilliant alternative vision where we may in fact be Haunted by the Past in a Facebook World. Great stuff!
  5. And for anyone who loves words and writing, George Orwell’s 5 Rules for Effective Writing are a must read. Enjoy!

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