Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Last week’s Facebook developer conference unveiled a series of upcoming changes to the Facebook platform. But the social web is not just about Facebook – there’s lots more out there and I suspect, there always will be. This week’s five must-read posts largely skirt around the Facebook avalanche which you can read elsewhere – except for #1. Enjoy!

  1. Interesting angle on the Facebook announcements from Noah Horton, CTO and Co-Founder of social media publishing platform, Involver. In this post he looks at The Semantic Social Web and ponders the question of value.
  2. Starting a new blog can be daunting – and Michael Brenner explains why with his post Content Strategy Visualized. But, as he explains, content can help you drive an inbound marketing approach – so long as you understand the connections between blogs, marketing, PR and social media. Good luck!
  3. Great post from Amber Naslund on the personal challenge of social media. It’s not just about creating and sharing knowledge and content – it goes deeper. It’s about being a wayfinder. And I couldn’t agree more.
  4. Short but sweet, John Haydon shares How to Get Heard.
  5. Julian Cole explains just how easy it is for digital strategists to learn Photoshop in 8 hours (note, I didn’t say “master”). Great stuff. After all, a bit of coding and some graphic design will take you a long, long way – and most don’t even know the basics. Get to it!