Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Last week was a busy week for me – with travel, conferences and back-to-back meetings for what felt like a whole week. And while it was exhilarating and energising, it also left precious little time for much else.

These posts popped out of my RSS feeds as I was travelling between destinations. Be prepared, there is some great and challenging thinking ahead of you.

  1. What does the future of work look like? Will we continue to walk the work-life balance tightrope, or will global trends force us to change our thinking, disrupt our career plans and transform our futures? Bryce Roberts takes a 1000ft view of the job market and ponders the idea of continuous partial employment.
  2. Speaking of the future – or at least the near future, this week Facebook is likely to make a whole series of announcements at the F8 developer conference. Lauren Fisher previews the changes.
  3. While Facebook continues to innovate, so too does Klout – finding new ways to measure the slippery notion of online influence. Now, I am yet to be convinced – but Mark Schaefer mounts a strong case explaining Why Klout Matters. A Lot.
  4. Is social media right for your business? Drew McLellan says it is – but only if it makes you money or saves you money. He even gives you 20 questions to help judge for yourself.
  5. Has anyone ever offered to give you 110%? Have they ever delivered? Valeria Maltoni suggests that we need to be realistic. That we need to be clever. And that we need to listen to our clients, customers and bosses. Maybe they don’t want 110% – maybe they just want us to deliver on our promises.