Do You Know a SuperNova?

There was a time where I would cast a curious and sceptical eye across any new innovation, platform, technology or website that would make its way to market. I’d look for the holes. For the things that could have been done better. And I’d find them – there are always plenty.

But time and experience has shown me that every success is built upon the shoulders of a thousand small failures. To bring something new to market doesn’t just require tenacity. Or a budget. Or a team. It requires a whole range of skills and capabilities. It requires thick skin. It requires an individual with a pioneering spirit and the passion to identify, embrace and deliver innovation – sometimes even when your business or your bosses don’t see the need.

And sometimes, just sometimes, at the end – everyone loves it. Wants to own it. Claim it.

The SuperNova is the unsung hero who made it happen.

They may not have had the recognition they deserve – but you know who they are, right? They are the folks you’d gladly work with, support, or join forces with.

Well, if you ARE a SuperNova – or know one – Constellation Research Group are calling out for nominations. There are only a few days left! There are five categories in which you can submit your application:

  1. Social business
  2. Mobile enterprise
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Advanced analytics
  5. Emerging technologies

These types of awards come along rarely – and this is a great chance to have an innovator recognised for their work. Get to it. Nominate now.

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