Global Map of Social Networking 2011

GWI_Mashable_23-06-11 The folks at Global Web Index have investigated the patterns of consumer adoption and pulled together this infographic map. On this scale, it’s easy to see where (and how) trends become markets and how patterns of use become opportunities.

Look for example at China’s massive online population, sitting at 155 million – dwarfing Australia’s paltry 7 million. Look also at the behaviour types – who are the sharers, which populations join and create groups? Then think about how these behaviours impact your marketing:

  • Are there already existing behaviours that you can incorporate or amplify?
  • Are there social and digital channels that you are ignoring?
  • Are there opportunities that you are leaving on the table?

The data may not have all the answers – but it should prompt some questions for you. Or for your agency.

Via Mashable.

2 thoughts on “Global Map of Social Networking 2011

  1. I found it fascinating that in the US there is comparatively less overlap messagers and mailers, content shares, and joiners and creators of groups. When I look at other countries: Italy, Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Spain, that overlap is much more. That goes to the core of those cultures…

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