Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Whittling down the bulk of great posts into five distinct items can be challenging. As the web evolves, and as we all get better at communicating using it – the quality of thinking and the volume of quality posts begins to explode. These five must-reads are my small contribution to filtering and connecting. Hope you enjoy them!

  1. Peter Economides explains with eloquence and insight why social media is social but it’s not media.
  2. Craig Wilson likens new marketing tactics with drug dealing – getting you hooked on the benefits before asking you to pay. He asks What is your gateway drug
  3. Are you using Klout? Are you relying on its “influence metrics” for your marketing success? John Haydon reminds us that Buying Influence is Bad Business
  4. Is the music industry making progress in the online business space? Alan Jones muses on the Rubber Band and the Future of Music
  5. Are you addicted to the newest of the new? Amber Naslund explains that we Need Both Improvement and Innovation