Don’t Waste Your Search Budget Like the Easter Show

As the Chair of not-for-profit youth media organisation, Vibewire, I know the budgetary, sponsorship and resourcing challenges faced by groups who are dedicated to what I call “good works” in our society. So whenever I look at the work of not-for-profit organisations or community groups, it always disappoints me to see them wasting the resources that they have available to them. 

So when I started looking for information on Sydney Royal Easter Show, I was disappointed to see paid search being thrown away as follows.


Considering the strength of the organic placement (I used a clean browser for this), this paid piece is like throwing money away. It’s like they ticked the box for “paid search” and moved on to the next piece of their digital presence.

Clearly the Royal Easter Show folks could have spent the paid search budget on the iPhone app that is advertised on their site (can’t be found in the App Store) or in a beefed up community presence on Facebook where the links between website activities and show-based events/promotions could have been easily orchestrated.

While it is great to see people explaining how mums can download colouring-in pages from the website and take them along for entry in a competition – these on/offline activities are the no-brainers that drive loyalty and action. They simply make life easier for your event participants.

And that should be the goal of any digital strategy. Because ease of use drives action. And the best action is ticket sales.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Your Search Budget Like the Easter Show

  1. Hi Gavin – I am looking hard at the stats and costs for a client’s ad spend. We will most likely shift most of their spend dollars to SEO and social media (the latter being new for them) as we’re getting similar results to your example.

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