Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Every week I read hundreds of blog posts. Sometimes they are mercifully short, other times they are compellingly long. Some contain the germ of an idea. Others carry the reader along in the torrent.

Whittling all these down to five must-read posts can be difficult. But I do it in the hope that this is useful to you. This week’s five must-reads from last week are:

  1. I love this piece from Collyn Ahart where he talks about the difference between markets and cultures. He’s spot on. Let’s look for the gaps in culture and see if we can help galvanise a movement.
  2. Christina ‘CK’ Kerley has launched a new website for B2B marketers – zeroing in on the power and promise of mobile. What’s the name of this train? It’s called B2BMobileRevolution and it’s leaving town. All aboard!
  3. Looking for a job in marketing? Drew McLellan provides much needed advice for finding your first marketing job.
  4. Ben Kunz suggests that Youtube may have missed the boat – with rival video sites like Hulu and Netflix drawing audiences to “full course entertainment meals” rather than video snacks.
  5. Robin Stephenson (via Beth Kanter’s blog) shares 10 Organizing Rules for Twitter Communities. While the focus is not for profit organisations, the same can be applied to any effort.