Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

When I am selecting these posts, I look for something that piques my interest – a word, a phrase or an idea that resonates.

Interestingly, it is almost never a comment. The idea behind Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week is to highlight those articles that should be shared or should find their way through the well-tuned content filters we have now all developed.

These five posts caught my eye and my imagination last week. I hope they help you start this week well!

  1. This excellent article on the Psychology of Pay Walls fascinates me. The concept that ownership has its own value is very important – and gives an indication of just how online communities become entrenched in the minds of their members
  2. Do your blog posts have a “tweetable moment” – the soundbyte that encourages your readers to tweet out a link? Craig Rosenberg shares Nine Variable to Consider When Creating Remarkable Content. The tweetable moment is just one of them
  3. How to Make New Friends is a stirling post by Nicola Swankie. Plenty of lessons for all of us here
  4. Not exactly from last week, but something that Mark Pollard shared (again): How to Position Your Business in 3 Sentences. For. Only. Because. We all need to be reminded of this! (Also check out his How to Explain an Idea – really from the last 5 days)
  5. An opportunity not to be missed – the Tax Deduction that Could Change Your Business.

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