11 thoughts on “300 Years of Fossil Fuels in 300 Seconds

  1. The video was really informative. This is a sort of encouragement to the people. We must be working hand in hand for the future of the world, because in the end we are the ones who will benefit on this.

  2. Hi Richard Hiegnberg
    We are doing a short films screening in India on June 5, and would like to screen you video in the same.
    Also this is a free event and we are not charging any tickets. So would like to have a confirmation from your end for the same.

  3. The video and post itself was so informative and i guess it will really inform the readers who will visit this blog. Nice work and thanks for posting.

  4. Illustrations like videos and drawings are a good way to inform people. This is a big help to let everybody know what will be the effect if we keep on using fossil fuel.

  5. Although, fossil fuels were a preferred source of energy until recently, their over consumption and some undesirable properties have led to several issues of grave importance. Extraction of fossil fuels has endangered the environmental balance in some areas. Moreover, coal mining has jeopardized the lives of several mine workers.

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