The World’s Obsession with Facebook

Here is a nice video that captures the statistics that underpin the growth of Facebook. It's a perfect introduction for your boss. Or your mum.

5 thoughts on “The World’s Obsession with Facebook

  1. And yet there’s a country with a population of almost 3 times the entire amount of Facebook global user base that aren’t on it, can’t get on it and – for all intents and purposes – don’t care about it.
    And it’s not just any country, it’s possibly the most powerful and influential country in the World.
    Just to add a counter point of view to the debate.

  2. Can you even read my blog in China? A few years ago it was blocked. I think it was the “chaos” thing.
    Agree – we’re all pretty focused on our own patches. We’re all pretty parochial when it comes down to it. No wonder we love Facebook. It’s hyperlocal.

  3. Of course I can – you’re Chinese friendly, though it could be because we are VPN’d up the wazoo which is why I can personally contribute to 45% of twitters daily traffic.

  4. Thanks for sharing. With stats like these it’s silly not to include Facebook as a part of a marketing strategy. It’s certainly not a “fad”.

  5. What Facebook has been able to achieve, in different aspects, is really mind boggling. I don’t think even the founders have expected that it’s going to be this big. But now it has become this big, they have consistently made it better. Amazing, really.

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