Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

This week I am looking at creativity. What does creativity mean to you? How do you maintain it and how does it manifest in your life?

These five posts should get you thinking (and hopefully acting) this monday!

  1. In the hustle and bustle of a busy life, Drew McLellan asks, how do you maintain your creativity. What do you do, what do you read and where do you go to make sure that your creative focus remains strong? Read Drew’s tips here.
  2. The Wall Street Journal reports that we should give up coffee and start daydreaming. It appears that all that coffee keeps us on a too-narrow focus and that we need to broaden our vision and begin daydreaming. It seems that the lack of attention is really just a door into a creative world that is just waiting for us.
  3. Mark McGuiness takes a walk on the wild side and interviews everyone’s favourite Twitter personality – the BadBanana. Tim Siedell – with almost half a million followers is a testament to the power of social media – showing that a niche focus and a unique voice will build you an audience.
  4. Richard Huntington discusses crimes against participation – and reminds us that we have to be a little more creative and a little more focused when it comes to online participation. Rather than thinking about what we can get people to do, we should be asking “what would I participate in”.
  5. Take a read of Rob Campbell’s series of creative insights masquerading as rants – all published while here in Australia as part of the AWARD awards program/Circus conference. He reminds us that the right creative solution for your client doesn’t always mean writing an ad – and that the best advice sometimes means ignoring everyone else’s advice.

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