LinkedIn Takes Personalization to a New Level


Apparently almost 300 of my LinkedIn connections changed jobs in 2010. That’s about 40% of the people that I know on a professional level. Astounding! And while that does sound like a lot, it’s fairly standard in the marketing /advertising industry. In fact, without LinkedIn, I wonder how I’d keep up with you all!

But I am less interested in the fact that you all changed jobs and more interested in the way in which LinkedIn is changing. They really are becoming a social force to be reckoned with. The email (which you probably received as well) is a brilliant piece of personalisation – bringing LinkedIn’s database to bear on my personal network thereby making this email communication laser-focused in its relevance – but it also signals a serious shift.

LinkedIn is demonstrating very precisely the power that social networks have at their command. They are showing how this network of knowledge and connectivity can be deployed in pursuit of a business purpose. And they are showing how relevance, and yes, even trust, within that network can prompt engagement and action.


If LinkedIn is not marked out as part of your digital engagement footprint, you may want to reconsider your approach. Pick it up for Round 2 of your continuous digital strategy.

3 thoughts on “LinkedIn Takes Personalization to a New Level

  1. This is a great example of Linkedin tapping its database to present the user something interesting that will draw you back in to using Linkedin and view the updated profiles of your contacts. I’m interested to see if brands can start doing this more effectively too by tapping deeper into the social graph to present a really compelling story that will drive brand engagement much further. Exciting times ahead.

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