Rethinking Education – Revisiting Brands

I have long been a fan of the work of Prof Michael Wesch from the University of Kansas. Not only does he seek to challenge notions of education and knowledge, he actively encourages his students to participate in these challenges. The latest is on the topic of The Visions of Students Today.

Participants will be asking the big questions. It’s about the world from the student’s point of view – all captured via digital media. Sounds impressive. Sounds vital. And I can’t wait to see what the project uncovers.

But also consider for a moment what it would mean for this sort of examination to be undertaken for your brand? What would it mean for your products and services to come into focus – from your customer’s point of view? Guess what? It’s already happening. Take a look at brandkarma – and see whether you are mentioned, ranked and rated. Take a look at GetSatisfaction and see how you are performing. And glance at a Twitter search stream. Which conversations are you having – and are they the right ones?

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