Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

There was a time when January was slow – where nothing much happened until February. It was a time for planning and organisation. It was about getting your ducks in a row.

We’re already a month in to 2011 and it feels like I’m aboard a freight train – there are events, book launches, happenings and great blogging all aimed to help your branding, marketing and social media activities for 2011. I’ve got some great ideas that I am working on and hope to share with you soon. But most importantly, there are five great posts from last week that you simply must read!

  1. If you want to make 2011 a year where you achieved great things, follow Tara Hunt’s advice and ignore the devil’s advocates (in your head, in your business). After all, Nobody Told Me It’s Impossible – so instead of asking “why?”, ask “why not?”
  2. There’s no doubt that “social” is moving from being a buzzword to something that is more far reaching. But Shel Israel asks Is Social the New Black? While all things social are certainly “in fashion”, my sense is that there’s some serious business success now starting to manifest – we just may be too saturated with the S- word to care.
  3. And on the “social” topic – what would “social innovation” look like? Edward Boches shares Four Great Examples of Social Innovation.
  4. This post from Katie Chatfield on Like Baiting, while older than the last five days is also a must-read. If you want results, take a read.
  5. If you are a visitor to New South Wales’ Hunter Valley or to Newcastle, you will be wanting to keep an eye on UrbanInsider – a new site with plenty of blog posts that give you the inside running on the local scene. This post is a must-read for you social media cupcake fans.