5 thoughts on “A Cup of Chaos #55: The Sun Page 3

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  2. yes i am english and yes i am proud of it, but the sun is a top newspaper. i could argue xx number of million readers can’t be wrong but the fact is that it is probably more influential than any other print media. Just ask Tony Blair. The british public can be swayed by its content and form opinions solely on what it has to comment. It produces multiple issues per day to keep current and has can nail a story, break news before more news and broadcast channels even clock a story approaching. As tragic as that sounds. in australia, like anywhere else in the world, what compares?

  3. Truly The Sun’s timeless brand of sentimental bigotry (“just good old British common sense, innit”) makes me proud of Western civilisation. Remember lads: If you want more from life than a bird with a huge knockers, football, beer and a sports car then you are poof.
    James – Being good at what you do does not mean that what you do is any good. For me, The Sun (and its loud, sweaty tabloid brethren) represented all that was horrible about growing up in a small town in the UK. But each to their own.

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