Five Must-Read Predictions for 2011

Each year it starts the same. A dark, quiet room. Incense laden air. I take a breath. Again. Drawing the cosmic energies deep into my being. I hold them, momentarily, and then relax, breathing them back into the world.

And as I sift through the psychic residue, searching for a shred of insight, I am given the greatest gift. Release.

Accordingly, I won’t be making any predictions for the year ahead, but here are five smart folks who have. Be sure to check them out!

  1. Peter Kim’s Social Business Predictions offer a scorching read. As Managing Director of the Dachis Group in North America, he is scanning a wide array of topics from leadership through consumer and workforce engagement, metrics and location based services. He has collaborated on these predictions with a bunch of leading thinkers.
  2. Covering some of the same ground, Taly Weiss from TrendsSpotting pulls together the underlying trends and puts a face to some of the ideas.
  3. Paul Dunay always delivers a well thought-through analysis. Here he talks about his B2B marketing predictions for 2011.
  4. David Berkowitz takes a different tack and focuses in on the whole digital space for his predictions.
  5. Mark Pesce goes mainstream and publishes in the Sydney Morning Herald. Here’s his take on the year ahead.

While the above predictions are great, I really do love this.

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