Wikileaks Payback Targets

With Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, refused bail, it is now down to the network of Wikileaks editors, technologists, journalists etc to carry on with their publishing plans.

Meanwhile, a payback campaign has been launched by loosely connected activists, hackers, bloggers and various Wikileaks supporters targeting efforts aimed at financially crippling the Wikileaks group. This group, known as Anonymous Operations are using the web to orchestrate and plan their efforts – and are, at present at least, keeping one step ahead of efforts to shut down their servers. Google’s caching servers unsuspectingly seem to be supporting this.

But who is on the list and why? A quick scan of the cached Anonymous Operations target page reveals the following:

BBC for it's manipulative, distorted and selective reporting on Wikileaks related events.

Any US Anti WL site,

  • FoxNews
  • EveryDNS
  • Eventually Mastercard/ Visa, not viable with current hive.

If we go after a US site, more US anon will join, its only (as of this writing) 10:20 EST, vs. like 4 am in euro.

  • Exposed by WikiLeaks cables; DynCorp, headquartered in DC with Texas offices, helped pimp out little boys as sex slaves to cops in Afghanistan. Currently not enough attention has been brought to the gross misconduct of a US private contractor.