Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

While I have been busy with work and travel over the last fortnight, I have still seen plenty of excellent blogs posts worth sharing.

Unfortunately, that has meant that I have been rather quiet on the writing side. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal, regular posting from this week through to Christmas. Buckle in for this week’s favourites from last week.

  1. Shiv Singh shares his experience – this time from the client side. Advice for Agencies provides some insight into what marketers need and value – and recognises that there is no perfect system.
  2. I was on the move when this came out last week, but have taken the time to take a good look through the Altimeter report on The Two Career Paths of the Corporate Social Strategist. Interestingly, when read side-by-side with Shiv Singh’s post, it highlights just how challenging corporate social media can really be.
  3. Adam Lyons provides a great example of how masses of data can be aggregated to identify trends and provide insight. In this post over on the Socialnomics blog, he looks through Facebook data to show that, if you are in a relationship, you’re most likely to be dumped two weeks before Christmas. Comforting thoughts this summer.
  4. If you are involved in social or digital media and have never programmed anything so much as a web page, then take a look at this post by Jeremy Ettinghausen. He shares a presentation on Coding for Dummies and it may well just give you a little insight into how difficult it can be to turn an idea into something that works (let alone something that delights).
  5. Mikal Belicove suggests that Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing, You Already Know. But I bet you still click through to take a read.