Oh No, It’s Movember!

movember10-1 For the last few years at this time I grow a moustache. It’s not just for the sheer style – but to join other men in raising awareness around depression and prostate cancer. This movement, which has now become a global phenomenon is known as “Movember”.

Why do I join in Movember?

This year alone, over 3300 men will die as a direct result of prostate cancer. These men could be related to you – fathers, brothers, uncles. And in many cases – especially when caught in its early stages, prostate cancer can be CURED. But, of course, that means getting the men in your life to see a doctor regularly.

movember10-2 So, if you, or a man in your life is over 50, make sure they get along to their GP to be tested.

The Movember Foundation also supports beyondblue – the national organisation dedicated to raising awareness around anxiety and depression. And as we get nearer to Christmas, you may also want to consider The Perfect Gift for a Man.

What can you do to help?

To start with, you can talk to the men in your life about prostate cancer and depression. Encourage them to talk to each other and to seek help where needed. Then you can:

3 thoughts on “Oh No, It’s Movember!

  1. Great post! You bring to our attention the awareness of two bad aspects of life:prostate cancer and depression. These two diseases make a lot of victims these days.

  2. We’re also doing our bit at the office for Movember, with all the lads including the CEO getting into the tache action for a good cause. I look like a Walrus, but it’s worth it …

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