The Battle for the Network Economy

Call it what you will – the social web, the network economy or any other buzz word, there is no doubt that opportunities abound for smart operators. But which opportunities? How and where should you play? This interactive map from the organisers of the Web 2.0 summit provides a bird’s eye view of the online world.


What should you look for?

Movements: Click the Movements button to see how the online “continental shift” is likely to play out. When considering your strategies, think about how those shifts will play out 12-18 months down the track

Comments: See the thoughts and suggestions of people all around the world. As always, there are some hidden gems in the comments.

Points of control: The map is titled “points of control” – but you should also consider your position from a situation of control. How will the shifts identified above impact your messaging and sense of control and how do you accommodate this organically?