Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

Well, I don’t know about you, but it has been an exceptionally busy six months. And now, here in Australia, we are heading into a new financial year … so I am hoping for a breather. I can’t see it actually happening!

Again, there were some great posts this week, but the following really stood out for me:

  1. Here is a great podcast featuring young entrepreneurs. In this week’s Business21C podcast, Mary Nguyen and Alfred Lo talk about the business start-up incubator, Vibewire, where I am a member of the board. Check it out.
  2. Iain Tait’s blog has been exploited by a pharma-hack. Yes, when WordPress gets a little out of date, holes emerge and these beasties crawl through. They usurp your search rankings and link back to you. Not nice.
  3. Kevin Dugan has been on fire over the last couple of months – writing some brilliant posts. This one, on the subject of the BP Oil Spill is another cracker.
  4. Russell Davies talks about the neurological hit that we get when we share stuff. It’s partly what makes social media and blogging so addictive and taps into my thinking about creating coincidence.
  5. Julian Cole shares his lessons from two years of fulltime work. Some great insight from one of the bright young minds of the Australian industry.

2 thoughts on “Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

  1. Gavin, I absolutely love the Five Must-Read Posts series you do. Thank you, just caught up with JC’s post which I’d been meaning to read.
    Awesome stuff.

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