Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

A little late this week due to the long weekend, but here are some of the flecks of gold gleaned from the great alluvial stream of the web. Enjoy!

  1. Getting people to step outside of their comfort zone is difficult. It is doubly so when you are dealing with executives who are measured and rewarded on short term results. Ross Dawson shares five keys to helping executive teams think about the future. Try it yourself!
  2. The term “innovation” gets bandied about in almost every meeting. In fact, it has become a drinking game trigger. But when everyone innovates it’s hard to see the good wood from the plantation forest. Saul Kaplan suggests that we are confusing invention with innovation, and that it’s time to put our customers back in the centre of the experience.
  3. When I was in my 20s, all my managers thought that I was going to take over the world. That my generation would sweep away the knowledge and value that had been accrued over the previous 50 years. It happened. But it’s a layering of experience over time, not a revolution. Gen X should read Rosetta Thurman’s Three Myths about Generation Y – the more things change, the more things stay the same (via Mandi Bateson)
  4. When you are sweating over a concept – where it eeks its way into your imagination and won’t let go – what do you do? Neil Perkin encourages us to let our best ideas go.
  5. Sometimes an explanation is best made by analogy. Is social media like golf? Craig Wilson thinks so. Makes me glad that web cams aren’t mandatory!

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