A Cup of Chaos #36: Leroy Stick and BP Global PR

bpcares There is do doubt that the crisis around BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is going to take some cleaning up. But I wonder how much longer it will take to deal with the community’s response to the disaster – after all, the very entertaining @BPglobalPR twitter account continues to remind us just what a catastrophe this is.

And now, you can hear the behind-the-scenes story from the person who setup and executed this campaign. He’s called Leroy Stick – and you can read where he got his name and why he is taking on the energy giant – right here.

And while all this CAN be amusing – just take a look in the brand mirror. Are you prepared for a catastrophe? Could you deal with a social media oil spill? How would you weave it into your continuous digital strategy?

One thought on “A Cup of Chaos #36: Leroy Stick and BP Global PR

  1. Gavin, every business regardless of size should have a crisis communication plan. A mistake, misstep or ill timed event can land any of us in a viral spiral of combat unprepared. If an oil spill happens get out in front of it by admitting failure and taking corrective action. Communicate with those impacted well and often. Be truthful, ask for feedback and rectify if/when you are able. You can maintain trust and reputation if you handle the negative as well as you manage the positive.

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