7 thoughts on “When a Bad Day’s Good – Westpac and Social Media

  1. Good point, Gavin.
    The social web is based on and made of human / individuals / people. Even when a brand tweets, seeing the human part of it can often be a good thing, of course as long as it’s not offensive or unaligned with brand’s values and policies.
    Good music choice, too. 🙂

  2. so true gavin, i think for some reason when a company is involved everyone seems to forget there are still people working at these companies. I think its great that it did generate a conversation and that for the most part it didnt become a witch hunt.

  3. Hi Gavin,
    I agree. A lot of people responded with responses like “That’s the most personality I’ve seen out of @westpac” – it caused a massive stir, but it was a human mistake, and thus, it’s getting good humoured banter, not a slamming in the press.
    Maybe we will see more personality from the @westpac account. Thanks for posting!

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