Books On My Bedside Table

There is always a long list of things that I want to read. Sometimes they are new, sometimes they are old friends that I need to reacquaint myself with – and sometimes they are unknown frontiers – random arrivals that I hope will tempt me into their brave new worlds.

While I constantly read, I am frightfully bad at actually writing proper reviews. Not that I am not interested – it’s just that reviews often get pushed down my list of publishing priorities, and by the time I get around to reviewing a book, it’s past its launch period. This year I am going to try to be a little more consistent with book reviews – sharing what I am reading AS I am reading it, as well as later reviews and impressions.

Over the last month or so – with the benefit of a little time off – I have indulged in some great reading. I have revisited:

  • Herd by the fabulous Mark Earls – a must for any serious marketer seeking to understand the patterns in consumer behaviour
  • The Brand Innovation Manifesto – John Grant’s excellent, practical guide to out-thinking yourself and your competitors in the world of marketing
  • The Rocks – Grace Karskens’ detailed analysis of Sydney’s earliest white settlement
  • Open Wallets – Stephen Saunders’ great unveiling of the secrets to retail sales success

New arrivals on the bedside table include:

  • Death of a River Guide – Richard Flanagan always reminds me that we do have great Australian writers
  • Stillwater Creek by Alison Booth – new book, new author and plenty to chew on
  • Wanting – Another great Richard Flanagan novel set in colonial Tasmania – documenting our simultaneous capacity for love and inhumanity
  • Celebrity Leverage – Jordan McAuley’s insider’s view on celebrity endorsement
  • The Buyersphere Project by Gord Hotchkiss – a deep dive into the ecosystem of B2B marketing

But what about you – what did you read this holidays? What do you PLAN to read over the coming months?

2 thoughts on “Books On My Bedside Table

  1. I have actually only recently grabbed Herd, and am looking forward to reading it, along with Mark Earls’ first book, Welcome To The Creative Age.
    Currently finishing up Niall Ferguson’s The Ascent of Money, which is extraordinary and highly recommended. In between than and Herd though, I’m tackling The Slaughterhouse Five, which I’ve wanted to read for some time now.
    Tres exciting!

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