Boost Mobile to Help Reduce Homeless – there’s only 32,000 To Go

I don’t know about you, but I can remember what it was like to be 24 years old. I thought I knew it all – or most of what “it” was. I was bright, cocky even. But life was tenuous – I was earning just enough to feed and house myself – with very little left over. I trundled from share house to share house, wearing out the already-worn furniture that I could call “mine” – and all the while feeling like I was one unexpected bill away from the breadline.

I remember being told about the poverty cycle – and how, without savings and support, all it takes is an unexpected expense – or the loss of a job – to find yourself on the streets. Through good fortune I was spared this situation – but there are over 32,000 young Australians who find themselves on the street every night.

With sponsorship from Boost Mobile, The Salvos Oasis Youth Support Network are aiming to help reduce the number of homeless young people. For every Facebook fan and Twitter follower, Boost Mobile will donate $1 to Oasis (up to $20,000). Find out more at the 32000 to Go website – and don’t forget to become a Fan and a Follower.