Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

100_1122In the last week there have been a plethora of posts looking at short term futures – what’s ahead of us, what it takes to get there and even some suggestions of how real change takes place.

There’s Plenty to read for marketers on the client and/or agency side.

  1. In this Ad Age article, Jacques-Herve Roubert suggests that Digital Agencies are Ready to Lead when it comes to engaging clients, creating campaigns and building their clients brands.
  2. Neil Perkin explains that it could just be social media that saves mainstream TV. In The Socialisation of TV, Neil suggests that scheduling and viewing are coming together via social back channels – but wonders whether on-demand viewing will shift the way this works (and where the power lies).
  3. Mitch Anthony has a great post uncovering the logic of deep change – digging into the work of John Hagel, Lang Davison and John Seely Brown. I am a big fan of the thinking behind the Big Shift – as well as the concept that the edge transforms the core. It’s like where philosophy and marketing meet – what’s not to love?
  4. In amongst all the noise that comes with marketing, advertising and social media, sometimes – as an industry – we go beyond the talk to do something that is really worthwhile. Tim Burrowes points to some excellent recent efforts to have emerged in recent weeks. I would like to also add that in the last week, The Wayside Chapel has been saved from its funding and building crisis. Great stuff.
  5. While this was not published last week, it is the first time that I have come across Jack Cheng’s blog – and wanted to make sure I shared it with you all. Some great, deep thinking here – as well as practical advice. Just take a look at what you can learn in 30 minutes a day. Dig deep.

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