Ten Ways to Kill Community

Sometimes the best way of understanding HOW to do something is to think how NOT to. In this fantastic short presentation, Marilyn Pratt steps through the 10 things that you can do to kill off the community that has begun to grow around your brand (or products, services etc). There is some great insight that can be applied to any business’ community – and each point is backed up with the hard won experience of working in, building up and evangelising a large corporate community.

Marilyn is one of SAP’s community evangelists and knows first-hand what works (and doesn’t) – but does this accord with your experience? What other ways have you found to kill your community?

5 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Kill Community

  1. 10 Ways to Kill an Online Community

    Interesting video of a talk by Marilyn Pratt. There are things to disagree with in there (the reflexive suggestion that business people are in some way less willing to learn new tools than ordinary people, for example), but some great…

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  3. Hi Gav
    Great Post, really enjoyed the video, especially the quote from Marilyn; We sell because of “…what value it brings to them, not what money it brings us.” Aligns with a thought process I’m going through at the moment and a still born blogpost at my new ‘thinking/ideas/tech’ site http://franksting.wordpress.com I think this video has helped frame it so it can sprint to the line.
    Thanks for sharing
    One quick question, though – is that a yammer wall running on the side?

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