A Cup of Chaos # 22 – Hey Hey It’s Racism

It has been a veritable smorgasboard of embarrassment this week. How to choose – Cheesybite (what’s to bet someone, somewhere was voting for Cheesybyte!) or the Hey Hey It’s Saturday blackface incident? Both caused a storm!

So I chose Hey, Hey – only because it’s best of both worlds. This segment sponsored by Kraft (Philadelphia cream cheese). Check out Harry Connick Jnr’s response 5 minutes in. It’d be nice to think we have moved beyond this type of humour. Really it would.

5 thoughts on “A Cup of Chaos # 22 – Hey Hey It’s Racism

  1. How embarrassing. And I’m not just saying that because Harry’s my number 2 guy. And I saw that apparently approx 80% of Sunrise viewers polled didn’t see a problem with the skit at all.
    Aussies love to give Americans a serve for being ignorant to their ignorance, I hope we’re not heading down the same path. We’re getting a bad reputation.

  2. You know I’m very fond of people like yourself and particularly the many people who hail from Melbourne that I’ve met because the conversation is usually good quality. But I don’t mind sharing that one of the keenest observers of nationality (and unavoidably racist because of it) calls the Australians ‘a bunch of rednecks’.
    I still have to make my trip to Oz and find out for myself but I have learned that in most company it’s best to keep my views to myself.
    Again this doesn’t mean I’ve not the greatest respect for many Australians and is a generalisation that in itself is guilty of the charge it implies.
    I haven’t seen Kirsty for two years either so I’m thinking about ways to get over 🙂

  3. I know I am a few weeks behind but hey I have been busy …
    A couple of observations on this,
    1 – I thought it hilarious that the ring leader claimed “we are Indian, so how can it be racists?” H yeah, that’s right, only white people can be racists!
    2 – Would it be considered sexist if a bloke dressed up in a dress for skit?

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