Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

A little late, but back again with some of the best web reads from last week. Enjoy!

  1. Olivier Blanchard has been producing some dynamite content for some time. He not only writes exceptionally well, he has now built quite a library of accompanying YouTube content. Last week he reminded us to get into startup mode again.
  2. Paul Isakson hits us again with What’s Next in Advertising and Marketing. Check it out. You’ll want to see this.
  3. “As content becomes unhinged …”, says Neil Perkin, “… so the separation between ‘platforms’ becomes less and less tangible”. Go there and expand your thinking.
  4. Katie Chatfield reminds me, that yes, I am the centre of the universe. Don’t think she meant that in a nice way 😉
  5. And for the brave amongst you, you can share in Annik Skelton’s conversations with her therapist.

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