Why Can’t Marketer’s Capture this Joy?

I think that this may just edge out my tried and true Where the Hell is Matt video for this week’s MBA presentation (new slides currently underway) on social/digital media. But the big question that we all must ask ourselves – is why can’t marketers capture the joy and the personal storytelling that makes this so compelling?

I think the recipe has something to do with the use of P-L-A-Y as a framework for storytelling, a hint of social judgement and a dash of Auchterlonie Effect for good measure.

Is it possible to do this sort of thing as a marketing exercise at all? I think so. Greg Verdino even gives us five tips to have our own dancing man moment. But you do need the right angle. You need the right audience. And you need the courage of a lion to sell it in. And perhaps by then, the moment has passed.

I’m thinking I might try something along these lines myself. Let’s see if it can fly.

5 thoughts on “Why Can’t Marketer’s Capture this Joy?

  1. For marketers capturing the joy, perhaps Hubspot’s “You Oughta Know (Inbound Marketing)” fits the bill? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-lGe5MnBlY&NR=1 . The home video production value is part of the fun, Was it produced for internal consumption and then shared on their channel? I don’t know. It has P-L-A-Y as a framework for storytelling (what we/our product does), a hint of social judgement Do 57,866 views over the last half year (compared with 13,000+/1 year of their CEO’s talking head statement)qualify as a dash of Auchterlonie Effect?

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