Tripitaka Gets a JaffeJuice Makeover

When Joseph Jaffe was in Sydney recently, we had the chance to meet for drinks and for dinner. It was a great opportunity to speak one-on-one, outside of the hubub of the ADMA Forum … and we were joined by Ian Lyons, Katie Chatfield, Jye Smith, Emily Baxter, Fi Bendall and Kristin Rohan, making sure that a great night was had.

During dinner, Joe asked about the Twitter avatar that I was using. It was an image of Tripitaka from the 1980s Monkey Magic TV series. Most people in my age group from Australia knew exactly who the avatar represented, but Joe was lost. It reminded me that even our pop cultural references can be exclusionary.

So, in order to help bridge the pop culture divide, I sent Joe a Monkey Magic T-shirt which he proudly wears in the latest episode of JaffeJuice TV (thanks to Jasmin Tragas for finding the shirt). Oh, and if YOU want one of the shirts, you can order it from RedBubble.