Five Must-Read Posts from Last Week

(360/365) (207/365)Despite the various pronouncements that blogging is dead or being replaced by Twitter, I continue to find great writers all over the web. Some are new and some are well-known (to me at least). However, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the flood of new blog posts and ideas. As an antidote, each Monday I will write a brief post linking out to FIVE must-read posts from the last week.

Hope you enjoy them!

  1. Mack Collier’s Companies Don’t Fall for Social Media’s Fear Factor: As usual, Mack trains his laser focus on the business blog to dispel some of the myths
  2. Katie Chatfield’s Where Did the Future Go: Sharing a great presentation by Bruce Stirling
  3. Sonny Gill’s guest post on Danny Brown’s blog: Asking are we too connected, or not connected at all. Think about your own situation and weigh in on the topic
  4. Valeria Maltoni covers the Brains on Fire Manifesto: Valeria reminds us that passion drives conversation, not products and shows how Spike Jones and the team conceptualise this.
  5. Charles Frith reminds us how clever Michael Wesch is: “Context collapse” helps us understand how we cope with and process digital media within a social context. Fascinating.

And a quick question – what were your most interesting reads last week? Did I miss them?

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