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Last week, Mack Collier (@MackCollier) asked a simple question on Twitter. But because he tagged it – using what is called a “hash tag”, a simple question was transformed into a conversation lasting over a couple of hours. Along the way, people joined the conversation from all over the world. The question that spawned this discussion was simple:

Hash tags are a great way to initiate and follow conversations in Twitter. They allow easy searching on a particular topic, and they also indicate to other participants that a conversation is underway. Often hash tags are used for conference proceedings or TV shows – and of course, anyone can use them.

After the success of last week’s blogchat, Mack has decided to be a little more coordinated. He will be kicking off another round of blogchat today – Sunday at 8pm CST in the US and Midday in Sydney, Australia. However, the idea is to extend the conversation around the globe and across timezones – with folks from Australia joining from 2pm Sydney time and then Stefano Maggi (@stefanomaggi) and more folks from Europe stepping in two hours later.

How to #BlogChat Effectively

  1. Try to follow people who are contributing to the conversation
  2. Make sure to tag your tweets with the hash tag (#blogchat)
  3. Use a tool such as TweetDeck to search the Twitter conversations for the #blogchat tag
  4. If you don’t have TweetDeck, check for the #blogchat topic

Hope to see you there!

5 thoughts on “Join Us in #BlogChat

  1. I hope you do this again. I should have paid closer attention tonight as I would love to ask some questions of other bloggers, but I have to call it a day for now. Hope I can jump in next time as it’s a great, great idea!

  2. That is a very valid question. I reckon it has to do with the personal touch.
    People would rather respond to a person driven by the desire to connect than with a person driven by the compulsion to connect. Some companies manage admirably though.- Edward J

  3. Just a tip for people who notice they lose a few followers when participating in a chat – a lot of tweeps are still unaware of the fabulousness of the filter. Tweeting how to filter the noise is a nice courtesy before you join the chat.
    Gavin will the chat be summarised anywhere? And could you please confirm days – is it Monday for AU to match up with Sunday US?
    Thanks! 🙂

  4. I am going to attempt a summary. I expect that Mack will as well.
    I can confirm BlogChat is Sunday in the US and Monday in Australia. Hope to see you joining the chat!

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