Micro-transactions and Why Twitter Will Transform Your Brand

Oui je sais je suis grave...Over the last three months or so, there has been an amazing upsurge in the use of Twitter. This micro-blogging platform that allows you to broadcast to your personal network (and to the world) in short, 140 character blasts — has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the last 12 months — and seems set to continue its upward climb. In August last year, Mashable reported that Twitter had experienced a 422 percent growth in visitor numbers over the previous year — with 2.3 million web visitors. This, however, does not take into account those who access the service through third party applications such as Twirl or TweetDeck.

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One thought on “Micro-transactions and Why Twitter Will Transform Your Brand

  1. What gets me, is who or what pushed twitter over the tipping point? Twitter had been flying quite low on the radar, and then BOOM, all of a sudden I’ve got my mother asking me about twitter. I’m not sure you could pin it down to one specific person or event, but either way, the landslide of interest has been amazing. Now…to monetize all of this…hmmm.

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