Your Voice is Your Business

Tim Noonan and Katie Chatfield When you start to prepare for a pitch or a presentation, what do you do first? If you are like most people, you will turn to your computer, fire up Powerpoint and knock out a quick outline. And while that can work for some, this approach often means that you overlook the nuances and potential of a good story.

But even if you DO have a good story … what happens next? Tim Noonan suggests that we need to pay more attention to our most powerful and persuasive tool – our voice.

In his excellent Your Voice PDF, he outlines the seven strategies you can use to achieve vocal brilliance:

  1. Record Every Speech You Give
  2. Review With Eyes Closed!
  3. Build Trust and Understanding through Sincere Delivery
  4. Speak WITH, not TO, the Audience
  5. Warm Up Your Voice
  6. Smile as you Speak!
  7. Play your Instrument and Express your Passion!

These are not mere words or suggestions – as a blind man, Tim is acutely aware of the power of your voice – and has been known to do “readings” where he is able to tell a lot about your personality simply by asking a few questions and listening to the response. It makes me think that there is great opportunity for these skills when it comes to online conversation. I have always believed that we give away more than we know in all this text/writing. Perhaps only those who are truly attuned to the rhythms of our voices can really tell.

5 thoughts on “Your Voice is Your Business

  1. Great post. This tracks a recent water cooler discussion about how tone and voice inflection are missing from email, so the recipient often make assumptions. Not good. A compliment can just as easily be taken as a slight in email.

  2. Gavin,
    I started to write a very lengthy comment, but instead your post inspired me to write a blog post of my own. The senses have always fascinated me and this really struck a chord on a Friday afternoon.

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