Out-Viralled? How Does It Feel?

Stan Johnson calls out the neat viral work of Droga 5 for their Guitar Hero YouTube video. But then Freddie Wong shows what can be done with limited resources, some creativity and a passion.

Of course, this is part of what can be considered “viral” – where a piece of work mutates by coming into contact with other forces. After all, the “aim” of a viral is not necessarily simply to spread (ie deliver reach) but to prompt conversation and participation. While Freddie only has one-seventh of the views that the original video has, I daresay, the production costs were much lower 😉

How does it feel to be out-viralled? The answer: it rocks.

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2 thoughts on “Out-Viralled? How Does It Feel?

  1. Spot on! Creativity and passion will drive the success of a campaign no matter what the budget limitations are. The same strength are needed by start-up entrepreneurs to succeed, NOT the budget.
    So congrats to Droga 5! Their creativity got them the attention they deserve

  2. If the authenticity line is blurring and if advertisers start playing with it accordingly, one could be wondering where to or how far the line is going to be extended.
    Got a question… what if this kind of “response” is also part of the “viral”? I doubt that some smart or bold advertisers never thought about feeding the out-viral side of their viral strategy as well.
    Now, I’m not saying that Freddie Wong’s film is such an example… but just notice that the guy is definitely not only a good guitar-bike-hero player and pro gamer. He, and his mates, are also filming and video SFX experts. Which makes this video a great “production” also.
    – Knows how to master motion tracking (guitar strings layer, rotating to match the video screens when the camera pans),
    – Knows how to light a night street traveling with a subject kept under decent lighting,
    – Thinks like a pro team would, using a shooting-board. First shot, last shot… filmed under same lighting, same location.
    – Does films like this one : http://snurl.com/8vu14
    Dream to be out-viraled that way and by a guy like that… who definitely knows better how to get hits on YouTube than others might : http://snurl.com/8vucc
    Food for thoughts.

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