The Blogroll Lives Yet

Recently our coffee mornings at Single Origin seem to have taken on a life of their own. For a while there were only a hardcore group of three or four regularly turning up on Fridays for a heady mix of conversation and caffeine. But now we are easily spreading across three or four tables – causing all manner of headaches for the good folk of Single Origin who good humouredly scramble to find us additional stools, tables and the odd makeshift seat.

Last Friday we must have had 20 people squeezed onto the footpath on Reservoir Street — with conversation flying from one end of the table to the other. Among the new regulars are the authors of some excellent blogs:

  • Katie Harris writes a blog focusing on qualitative market research. Because the world is never black and white, her Zebrabites blog reminds us all to beware of the easy answers lest they come back to … well, bite us
  • Jye Smith is a dynamo, holding down a marketing role with CBS Interactive, making music, creating websites, writing a blog and playing WAR in his spare time … and he seems to do it all with excessive good humour
  • Adam Milgrom is one of our long timers and often arrives well ahead of us all (I think to eat breakfast in peace). He helps us all to keep track of cool stuff from all over the web with his Shared by Adam blog.

But not everyone is able to make it down for coffee on a Friday morning. Tony Thomas attends in spirit as does the charming David Wesson, while I expect to see Zac Martin only when pigs fly 😉

And now all these fine folks have been properly added to my reading list and blogroll. Check them out, and you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two. I do every week.

4 thoughts on “The Blogroll Lives Yet

  1. I’ll be heading up to Sydney on November 28 to hopefully convert my six ADMA finalists into awards. Budget cuts are taking their toll where I work, so hopefully I can wangle it to get there early enough to make it to coffee.

  2. Hi Gavin
    Don’t need to tell you how much I enjoy coffee mornings. Thank you – and all the regulars – for your warm, friendly welcome.
    The conversation is always fascinating and inspiring; a rich and diverse mix of amazing minds. Excellent company, excellent coffee…brain food at its best!
    And on that note, look forward to seeing you on Friday…
    : )

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