Plaid Nation — Social Media on Tour

Darryl Ohrt’s Plaid Nation Tour has just kicked off. Darryl is the author of Brandflakes for Breakfast and is the "Band Manager" of the Plaid team — one of NYC’s smartest boutique agencies — and each year they take off on a road trip meeting up with the people behind the brands along the way. In their own words:

PlaidNation is a rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action. It’s a Plaid van driving through the country meeting creative, marketing, brand and internet workers, and sharing Plaid love. Oh yeah – and every aspect of the tour is broadcasted HERE on Like the best reality show, but more.

The Plaid team have three live video streams (the one below is "driver cam"), you can track their progress via GPS and keep up with the gang via a Twitter stream.

Personally, I am most looking forward to the expose on "skanky hotel rooms". But if you are lucky enough to live on the Plaid Nation route, then you there is an opportunity to meet up in real life! Enjoy!

Monday, July 21 : Vancouver, Canada

Tuesday, July 22 : Seattle, WA

Wednesday, July 23 : Portland, OR

  • 9am: Voodoo Doughnut (come share a donut!)
  • 10.30am: TBA
  • Tune in for the 11:40 show!
  • Lunch
  • 2pm: TBA
  • Travel to Redding, CA

Thursday, July 24 : Redding, CA

  • 10am: TBA
  • Tune in for the 11:40 show!
  • Travel to San Francisco

Friday, July 25 : San Francisco, CA

  • 8:30am: Tweetup! (come say hi!!)
  • 10:30am: Twitter?
  • Tune in for the 11:40 show!
  • Lunch
  • 2pm: Google (who can get us into the Googleplex??)

Saturday, July 26 & Sunday July 27

  • We’re off enjoying San Francisco. Where should we go?

Monday, July 28: San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, July 29 : San Luis Obispo, CA

Wednesday, July 30 : Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, July 31 : San Diego, CA

  • 10am: Aptera
  • Travel to San Diego
  • Lunch
  • 2pm: TBA

Friday, August 1: Las Vegas, NV

  • 8:30am: Tweetup! (Come say hi!!)
  • 10:30am: Zappos
  • Tune in for the 11:40 show!
  • Lunch at that killer Thai place
  • 2pm: TBA
  • 4pm – ?? PlaidNation wrap party (location TBA)