A Man’s Got to Do What a Man’s Got to Do

DrhorribleBeing a lover of good storytelling I live a life of disappointment between the hours of 8pm to midnight. With a vast array of low-rent, poorly executed television, there is little wonder that I turn my attention to the plethora of quality (and low-rent) content available online. And while I am sometimes appalled by what I see online, I have the control to simply move quickly to something that at least offers the promise of an engaging storyline, believable characters or even a toe-tapping number or two.

And given that Josh Whedon, the master storyteller behind the Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly series has just released a new series, there was reason to hope. But where can one find this? I scoured the TV guides only to be beaten into a dull submission by old formats and "celebrity talent". At last I turned to Twitter to find salvation — and it came to me in the shape of something horrible. Dr Horrible.

That’s right. Josh Whedon’s newest series is available exclusively online. You can watch it streaming via the innovative Hulu format or download via iTunes. And at 15 minutes an episode, if it doesn’t capture your attention, you haven’t wasted your valuable time — quality content is only a click away. Just a shame they didn’t add interactive channels to the format.

But, it just makes me wonder about the future of media. And the future of brands. And it seems, the answer is the same. Content. How else do you think you will attract the slim attention of audience 2.0? Time to stop reading and start participating.

One thought on “A Man’s Got to Do What a Man’s Got to Do

  1. I think the question is now how to monetise it or at least come out of it in credit. I wonder how much can be made through iTunes and DVD sales (especially given it’s currently free).
    I’m surprised at the lack of advertising/sponsorship on the website.
    Really interesting though and I love the series!

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