History of a Social Media Expert

Social Media GoddessIf someone tells you they are a social media expert, run” — Connie Reece

In this great podcast, the Podcast Sisters (aka Heather Gorringe and Anna Farmery) interview the effervescent Connie Reece about social media and where and how it fits within an overall marketing strategy.

There is an excellent discussion (at 6:30) about the emerging interest of corporations in social media — with Anna asking whether small businesses should step back and leave social media to the corporations. And as Heather points out, there are more than 109 million blogs now online (Heather quotes precise figures — 😉 ), Connie rightly points out that the aim of your marketing (or social media) strategy is not necessarily to be the number one brand worldwide, but to be the number one brand/business in your category in your locale.

Plenty of good insight delivered in the way that only Anna and Heather can. Remember, you can subscribe via iTunes here.

2 thoughts on “History of a Social Media Expert

  1. Wow…such praise. I laughed when editing as I can’t see TWIT or The Gillmor Gang discussing fish and chip shops and social media….just shows our warped minds 🙂
    Feel free to pay for the podcast sisters to come over to your wonderful country and interview you….we would only be too pleased!

  2. Not feeling so effervescent as I drink my first cup of coffee and get ready to go have a root canal this morning. But it sure did brighten my day to find your post about my interview with the Podcast Sisters. Anna and Heather are fantastic. I thought I was just meeting them for lunch, and then out comes the recorder. Now I will always associate fish and chips with social media for small, local business.

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