How Teens Live Online — Get Ready

There is plenty of talk about "digital natives", but unless you have a teenager living in your house, you are unlikely to understand the full impact that this generation will have on all our futures. But rather than theorising on the subject, take a look through the digital window on Josh Fortune’s life. At the age of 14 he is not only a blogger, but a music reviewer, photographer and online content creator. You can find him on the web, Facebook, Flickr and at his viddler channel. You can also contact him directly for business opportunities.

Time to stop wondering about the impact that this generation is going to have on your business (from the inside and the outside) — there’s work to be done. It’s time to start preparing. You have four years (that’s right 4) before Josh and his peers reach the age of 18. Four years before they begin rocking your company’s processes, policies and procedures; experimenting with your brand manual, firewall settings and "acceptable use" guidelines.

In four years much can change — but much can also stay the same. Look around your office. What was different four years ago? Sure there are shiny new Macs on the desk and maybe there are more "ghosts" (people working from home), but I am willing to bet, your business four years ago is likely to be the same shape, the same structure as it was in 2004. If so, get moving. Josh and his friends are getting ready to move in and take over. That is, if they don’t buy you out before then.