The Business of Web 2.0 (again)

Regular readers will remember that I gave this presentation to MBA students at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management last year. It seems relatively popular with the students as Dennis Price keeps asking me back again. One of the themes that I explore is the idea that MARKETING is shifting. While we still have the useful models around B2B (expensive, custom offerings to a niche market) and B2C (high volume, mass market offerings), the new model that I see emerging is a new B2C — brand to community.

To demonstrate this in action, the presentation has actually evolved into a case study around social media, technology and the Age of Conversation (with a little Interesting South thrown in for good measure). But there are plenty of other good case studies which could be extrapolated. Take a look and let me know your feedback — I will make sure to reference you in the next version 😉

This time around (at least in the talk) I feature a whole heap of Flickr photos (all referenced in the deck) and the following bloggers: David Armano, Katie Chatfield, Joseph Jaffe, Jeff Jarvis, Drew McLellan, Ryan Rasmussen, Matt Dickman and Sean Howard.

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