Addictomatic Leads to a MyOovooDay Redux

Increasingly I am picking up good links and pointers via Twitter. One of the many people I am "following" sends a message out and it appears on my screen. Sometimes this is immediate (if I happen to be online and watching as the message comes through), or it can be delayed (for example, I scan my friends timeline for interesting news and observations each morning). But the good thing is, it is completely opt-in — you can choose to "listen in" to the Twitter channel or you can opt out. Furthermore, you can choose to engage in conversation — jumping in to the twitterstream at any moment.

Following a tweet from David Armano, I landed on the Addictomatic site. Of course, I did a vanity search — but to my surprise, I uncovered material that I did not know existed (I thought I kept good track of my digital self). There were tweets about me (I searched for "Gavin Heaton" rather than "servantofchaos"), blog posts and even movie clips. And one of those caught my eye …

As part of the MyOovooDay experience back in February, Drew McLellan and I held web video conferences with a number of people happy to talk about the Age of Conversation. Unbeknownst to me, Paul McEnany recorded part of the session … and here it is. It records some of our discussion about what was then the "upcoming" plan for the Age of Conversation 2008 which is funny in retrospect. In the video you will see (from top row L-R) Luc Debaisieux, Gavin Heaton, Drew McLellan, Kris Hoet, Paul McEnany and J Erik Potter.

5 thoughts on “Addictomatic Leads to a MyOovooDay Redux

  1. ok addictomatic is very freakin’ cool. That’s a fab thing in one screen to show clients how they are faring in the digital ecosystem.

  2. #1 Whoa–that Addictomatic site is AMAZING. I found stuff that I didn’t know about either.
    I also found an adorable little girl named “Sharon Sarmiento” playing the drums on YouTube (that is not me, but I enjoyed watching it 🙂 )
    #2 That video conference of you guys is so cool–It’s weird to see you all in the same place talking to each other (I will never get used to these new fangled technology things)

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