Who Is Your Best Friend, Girls?

When I saw this ad the other night I laughed out loud. Audacious. Daring even. It apparently even caused outrage and complaint in the community which is a good sign of effectiveness. But would it make you buy the product? Penny Warneford, who is helping Kolotex with the campaign (or perhaps managing the crisis it has created) said, "The advertising is the result of extensive research which is right on target". It seems to me that she is right. And we have come a long way since the ads with the blue dye.

2 thoughts on “Who Is Your Best Friend, Girls?

  1. Look Gav, we must be ashamed of our genitals. We must pretend they do not exist*. Or “Derek” as I like to call my particular set.
    *We must worship at the alter of Action Man with his blue pants.

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