Intern with Seth Godin

Sounds like a golden opportunity that should be on the radar of all marketing grads (via David Bausola).

“The idea is to find a diverse group of motivated young people who want to join together to create a few really neat projects. The tools used will range from online video to blogs to copywriting to design. Topics might include politics or Squidoo or book promotion or inventing a new kind of web interaction … no scut work, no cold calling, stapling, collating or errands.”

But if you are interested, you had better get in quick smart!

2 thoughts on “Intern with Seth Godin

  1. David Bausola and Seth Godin in the same paragraph – there’s a turn up for the books, erm, blogs.
    I think I tagged that whilst playing with (has smart integration with delicious and twitter) – it’s an ace feed reader – you should have a look.

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